Fall Adult Education: Short Circles

This fall, you are invited to consider participating in “Short Circles”. Short Circles are designed to be a stand-alone, drop-in time in which we will consider one topic and ask questions about the particular topic (listed below). And because we are in a season that needs deep prayer, each session with begin with a time of contemplative prayer.

Topics & Questions we might ask:
Oct. 13: The Bedrock of Your Being– Describe a time when you discovered “the bedrock of your being” and it allowed you to surface from an experience you perhaps didn’t know you could survive.
Oct 20: Middle of the Night– Describe a middle of the night experience that was a simple epiphany or life changing. What happened? How is it still resonating for you?
Oct. 27: Change & Regrets– How do we develop a relationship with change that allows for graceful acceptance, while giving us room to explore our feelings?
Nov. 3: Life Lessons and Teachers– Could you describe anyone in your life who has been a role model and how that has changed how you interact with the world?

Thursdays from 12-1:00-ish pm – bring your lunch, sessions are offered in-person in the Parish House or join us by Zoom.

Please contact Pastor Sue if you are interested in attending any of these Short Circle sessions so she can give you the outline and Scripture passages to review prior to our gathering.