For Ann…

The change of season brings forth a marked sensibility. As nature is transformed, attitudes and perceptions are transformed as well. When it comes to fall, it’s not a change I always welcome. After all, it signals the end of summer, of boundless days, of light and leisure.

Cape Cod itself leaves behind the fun and sun, and assumes its more solemn mood of burnished color, brooding skies, and reinvigorated air. Reflection hovers just above the frenetic days now passing, in anticipation of harvest’s abundance, steeling us for the spare necessities of winter.

Beyond the sunny climes of summer is renewing strength and unanticipated beauty. Fall, that is to say, is my favorite season. Its golden luminosity and complex hues stir the soul and renew the heart. And God is discovered beyond desire’s end.

It is all but human to hold to things as they are, not knowing or caring what goes ahead. Concealed is the heart of our Creator.

Faith is trust, trust in goodness both seen and unseen. Its convictions are foolhardy. It is the spirit alone who comprehends.

There is far more to this life than this life. Praise, therefore, is our simplest response.

Grace and peace,

Thomas C. Leinbach, Pastor